Neurobiology and Developmental Biology Affinity Group

Developmental Biology and Neurobiology are growing disciplines at Merced, the youngest of the University of California campuses. Our labs use many modern techniques to explore the functions of molecules and cells in vertebrate and invertebrate animals. Our labs are housed in the Molecular and Cell Biology and Bioengineering Departments.

UC Merced is one of the most ethnically and socioeconomically diverse universities in the country. QSB and our labs are committed to creating a fair, equitable, and supportive community for everyone interested in basic research in neurobiology and developmental biology.

Interested in pursuing Ph.D. research with us? Our application deadline is January 15th. QSB Virtual Tour.

  • Endoderm in zebrafish embryo
  • Planaria digestive system and brain
  • Cilia (red) in mouse brain cells
  • DNA damage in Drosophila oocytes
  • Adult Drosophila hanging out
  • Zebrafish embryo