Stuff We’re Doing

The UC Merced Neuro labs go to SFN! Ramen Saha (036.04/D6) Nov 12 1-5pm for nBAF and IEGs, Eva Cai (107.09/A8) Nov 13 8-noon for Hh signaling in cilia, Cal Larnerd (150.06/OO5) Nov 13 8-noon for EtOH tolerance memories, Xiaoliang Liu (606.24/C56) Nov 16 8-noon for Numb promoting Hh signaling, and Brian Wang (728.28/HH11) Nov 16 1-5pm for sex-specific thirsty water seeking pathways!

Fred Wolf was elected Chair of the Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Group at UC Merced. Learn more here.

Chris Amemiya is co-organizing the joint meeting of the Pan-American Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology and the Society for Developmental Biology, in Vancouver BC, July 17-22, 2022. Abstracts are due April 11. Learn more here.

Stephanie Woo is co-organizer for the Virtual Gastrulation Zoom Talks seminar series. Register here and visit Twitter for updates.

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