Stuff We’re Doing

The UC Merced Neuro labs go to SFN! Ramen Saha (036.04/D6) Nov 12 1-5pm for nBAF and IEGs, Eva Cai (107.09/A8) Nov 13 8-noon for Hh signaling in cilia, Cal Larnerd (150.06/OO5) Nov 13 8-noon for EtOH tolerance memories, Xiaoliang Liu (606.24/C56) Nov 16 8-noon for Numb promoting Hh signaling, and Brian Wang (728.28/HH11) Nov … Continue reading Stuff We’re Doing

Recent Funding

Stephanie Woo recently received an NIH R21 award for the “Determining the role of cellular forces in endoderm differentiation and development.” Read more here. Congratulations Stephanie! Ramen Saha recently received an NIH R21 award for the “BAF complex inhibitors in neuronal development and functions.” Read more here. Congratulations Ramen! Xuecai Ge recently received an NIH … Continue reading Recent Funding

Recent Publications

Papers published by our groups in 2021 and 2022 It was an exciting publishing 2 years for the Developmental Biology and Neurobiology groups at UC Merced. The Cleary lab published “mRNAs encoding neurodevelopmental regulators have equal N6-methyladenosine stoichiometry in Drosophila neuroblasts and neurons” in Neural Development. You can find the work of graduate student Josephine … Continue reading Recent Publications